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How Do I take a Screenshot: Hold down the Alt Key at the same time tap the Print Screen key ( Prt Scr)


Q: How does it work?

A: You download the Team Viewer Application and Run it. You then give us the ID code, and Pass code that allows us to remote into you're computer. 

  Our technicians can see exactly what you are seeing on your screen. This allows us to evaluate and fix your problem faster.

  Click on the LOL Support Image  to start a Remote Support Session

Need Help / Got a Question?

   To schedule an appointment or ask a question please fill out the form below. A Lewistown On Line  technician will contact you shortly to provide  assistance.

   Please feel free to email us with any Computer, Networking or How Do I Questions.

   We want to be responsive to your questions and issues. If you are submitting a technical support question or problem  please be as detailed as possible. Please help us by including the exact error message or screenshot and a detailed description of your problem. We look forward to helping you.

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